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Course Description

This class covers the fundamental rulings of tajweed and fulfills the obligatory command of learning how to read and recite the Qur’an correctly. Students are recommended to recite out loud to the teacher to verify they are pronouncing everything correctly and take notes. An optional exam is given at the end of the course for those interested in certification, or Ijazah in the rendition of Imam Hafs Kufi Rahmatullaahi

Course Objectives

  • Importance of learning Tajweed

  • Madd

  • Haa of Pronoun

  • Rules of Ra

  • Rules of Meem Sakin

  • Exceptions and Miscellaneous Rules

Course Overview

  • Tajweed for Adults

  • Taught by: Hazhrat Qari Qazi A. Biabani Sahab

  • Adults | Ages 18+

  • Saturdays | 1:15-2:15PM CST

  • Course Duration: 01/13/2018 – 05/19/2018

  • FREE | $50 for Ijaazah

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