Arabic Grammar [SISTERS ONLY]2018-01-11T05:18:07+00:00

Course Description

Learn and understand the language of revelation and the language spoken by the Beloved ‎ﷺ. SCC’s Arabic Class will offer students an easy introductory grasp of grammar in classical Arabic. SISTERS ONLY.

Course Objectives

  • Introduction to Arabic Grammar

  • Rules of Ism (Nouns)

  • Conjugation of Verbs

  • Building Vocabulary

  • Translating/Formulating Sentences

  • Understanding Grammatical Context

Course Overview

  • Arabic Grammar – Part I

  • Taught by: Aalimah Rubab Anwar

  • Open to All Ages

  • Thursdays – 7:00-8:00PM CST

  • Course Duration: 01/11/2018-05/03/2018

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