Sufi Community Center

Sufi Community Center [SCC] is a non-profit organization catering to all ages in the Chicagoland area. SCC was founded by a group of individuals with a common vision; establish a facility whose purpose is to serve the community, empower individuals with knowledge, and stimulate the creative senses by means of enlightenment. SCC is dedicated to fostering love, awareness, and self-development with unique services and programs for adults and youth.

Who Are Sufis?

The word Sufi originates from the Arabic term Sūf, or wool, attributing to the cloaks worn by Muslim ascetics. Sufis are Orthodox Muslims who follow the science of Tasawwuf. Sufis connect themselves with a guide, and by this, are able to trace a direct chain of teachers back to the Beloved Prophet Muhammadﷺ, the leader and prime spiritual guide.

Sufis strive for perfection of worship (Ihsaan), which is to worship Allahﷻ in complete submission and fully conscious of His presence. As part of their worship and obedience to Allahﷻ, Sufis are devoted to serving humanity and love of all of Allah’s creation. Thus, Sufi Community Center bases its foundation upon these beautiful principles of love, humility, service, togetherness, and equality.

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