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Since the start of the Syrian revolution in 2011, millions of innocent people have lost their lives, families, loved ones, homes, and belongings. Many took refuge in the neighboring countries as well as in the countries that welcomed them with open arms. With very few possessions, these families and individuals are looking to begin life anew, in safer conditions, surrounded by warm and inviting families who will assist them with getting back on their feet.


The Syrian Community Network (SCN) is a non-profit organization comprised of community members with a mission to provide aid and assist in resettlement to the Syrian families. They have been working tirelessly for years to assist families locate residence, providing food, clothing, furniture, and necessities as quickly as possible. They have taken the lead role to facilitate and direct the community to the required areas of assistance. They are working very closely with the resettlement organizations and delegating volunteers to the localities which house many of the families. Sufi Community Center is working closely with the Syrian Community Network in many ways, one of which is to connect people to SCN.


Currently, the Chicagoland and suburbs houses 115 Syrian families. This number is growing exponentially and the number of volunteers required to assist grows in similitude. The localities in which the families are residing have been broken into several communities. The form below will connect you to a group of volunteers in your area to assist those families with essential needs including: food, clothing, housing, and employment. You can also volunteer any services such as ESL or tutoring in any way possible. Learn more about what the assistance and volunteering entails below. All of your efforts are immensely appreciated and truly inspirational.


As the Syrian families arrive from various countries, the resettlement organizations place them in hotels until housing can be identified. If you identify a location for the families to reside within your area, or are aware of vacancies, you would work with your area’s team lead and team to learn more so that the families can begin settling and establish a place they can call home.
Employment is a very important aspect to the refugee families. The livelihood of the families is essential to survival as well as forming a routine and creating self-sufficiency. You would work with your team lead and team to identify potential openings which may cater to the skill sets of the refugee families. Our Syrian guests have work permits and will be allowed to work without issues.
As families await their housing situation, they may be in need of essentials such as clothing, coats/jackets/outerwear, shoes, blankets, etc. For those families who have procured a place to stay, they may be in need of furniture and appliances. If you or anyone you know can provide such items, you would work with your team lead and team to get these items to those families in need.

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